Minbox Launches Lightning Fast File Sharing App

Minbox launched today with the intention to disrupt the already disruptive cloud storage space. Minbox lives as a Mac app that allows users to send files of any size in a fraction of the time other cloud storage providers offer. A quick glance at Minbox's homepage offers a video demo that shows the same file sent via Minbox and then dropbox. Where Minbox sends the file in four seconds, Dropbox takes over five minutes to upload and send the file. Minbox founder, Alexander Mimran, told Programmableweb:

"When it comes to file-sharing the world is focused on 'sync' but a large component to the cloud-storage space is neglected... that's SEND. We all send files on a daily basis and believe there are still too many pain points associated with the process—we're focused on easing that pain."

Minbox believes file sharing should be free and fast. Despite the file size, send it with Minbox for no charge. Minbox has attracted major interest and funding in preparation for launch and has opened itself up to public evaluation today. To give it a shot, visit the Mac App Store.

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