Mind Mapping Web App, Mind42, Launches API

Mind42, a mind mapping web application, has launched the Mind42 API. Mind mapping is a process that collects ideas and then arranges them in a graphical way. The tree or star-like graphical depiction that Mind42 creates illustrates the connection between different ideas or topics. The Mind42 API allows developers to access, create and edit maps on Mind42 from third-party applications.

Mind42 was created five years ago to simplify the creation, management and editing of information needed to create mind maps. Although Mind42 could potentially be utilized for many functions, its primary purpose is to arrange thoughts and explore those thoughts in a graphical manner. Mind maps have served as an organizational tool for some time, but Mind42 allows those maps to be created and updated continuously whenever a creator has internet access.

The Mind42 API is currently in public beta. The API uses the OAuth 2 standard. For more information, or for beta access, visit the API site or email the team.

Mind mapping has been around for decades. However, with the rise in business intelligence and more robust programming capabilities, creation and updating has been greatly simplified. Mind42 puts mind map utilization into the hands of those who might not be familiar with mind maps, but simply want better insight into their thoughts or certain data points. Visit Mind42 for more information, and consider the possibilities of integrating its web Platform with third-party applications.

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