Misty Robotics Expands Developer Support With Introduction of .NET SDK

Misty Robotics, an open robot Platform provider, has announced a new .NET SDK for Misty II (its flagship platform robot). The new SDK joins the existing JavaScript SDK. Developers can now write to the platform in either JavaScript or C# which greatly broadens the ecosystem of potential robot developers.

"Misty Robotics is leading the way in the platform robot category, taking down the existing barriers to entry and enabling developers worldwide to build for and compete in the personal, service, healthcare, education, retail, and entertainment robot markets," Tim Enwall, Misty Robotics CEO, commented in a blog post announcement. "With this new .Net SDK, we're now opening up the Misty robotics platform to a broader developer audience."

The .NET SDK was designed to specifically target C# programmers. Using the .NET SDK with lower-level hardware, developers gain access to sensor data, commands, debugging tools, and other hardware resources. Additionally, the .NET ecosystem includes many libraries and Sample Code from which to build skills. Programmers with limited or no history with robotics, but proficiency with C#, have been able to quickly write to the Misty platform.

Programmer-friendly tools that come with Misty include a command center, skill runner, and API explorer. With these tools, developers can navigate the SDK interface and browse and test pre-built skills and features. Check out both SDKs at the SDK site.

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