Mitominer API: Hunting Down the Connection Between Mitochondria Dysfunction and Disease

Mitominer is an integrated priteomics database for mitochondria. The open source Mitominer API runs on Perl programs, and provides access to client libraries in Java, Perl and Python. The API covers nine data categories from proteins to gene ontology.

Mitominer is useful in investigating changes in the proteome may contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction and its relationship to certain cancers and other diseases, according to the Oxford Journal Nucleic Acids Research:

MitoMiner ( is a data warehouse for the storage and analysis of mitochondrial proteomics data gathered from publications of mass spectrometry and green fluorescent protein tagging studies. In MitoMiner, these data are integrated with data from UniProt, Gene Ontology, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, HomoloGene, Kyoto Encyclopaedia of Genes and Genomes and PubMed. The latest release of MitoMiner stores proteomics data sets from 46 studies covering 11 different species from eumetazoa, viridiplantae, fungi and protista.

Mitominer provides predefined template queries, while those who create an account can create their own template queries. The database warehouse also provides an extensive set of 9 tutorials to get up and running.

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