MixCloud API Tells You What To Play And When To Play It

MixCloud is a combination of music discovery and promotion.  It strives to serve the intersection of interests between listeners that want to find new and interesting music and artists that want to get their music in front of a wider audience.  The idea is that you can get recommendations by following the music mavens of whichever genre you choose.   Most people find new music through friends.  Having a friend that’s plugged into the latest music trends keeps you jamming along to new stimulating tracks.  Imagine if your friend’s knowledge of and refined taste in music were accessible by API.  That’s what we’ve got with the MixCloud API.

The key here is that MixCloud presents you with cloudcasts (playlists).  It also provides you with popularity information on these cloudcasts.  Using this information you can determine which tracks are in popular cloudcasts, and even run some analysis on the track ordering.

Mixcloud cloudcast page

All this information is wrapped up in a RESTful API with JSON (and JSONP!) responses authenticated with OAuth2.  If you want to embed a cloudcast player on your site, the details are provided in the API Documentation.  You cannot play MixCloud’s audio on your own site via an audio stream just yet, but it sounds like they are working on the pricing for such an offering.  To top it all off, MixCloud has open sourced an implementation of their API, LazyDJ, on github.

If you are writing a music focused web application, MixCloud’s data could serve as an appealing augmentation to your site’s User Experience.

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