MixerFactory Mixmoov Video API Offers Auto Video Rendering

Cloud video editing company, MixerFactory, has announced its Mixmoov Video API, which allows developers to integrate video editing functionality into their applications. Making use of the API, developers and system integrators can build apps that facilitate video creation using MixerFactory’s cloud video rendering engine in the backend. This provides users with fast, scalable video-generation options.

MixerFactory provides branded online video editing services to websites, educational institutions, OVPs, OEMs, media agencies, and enterprises. Users can customize sets of multi-track and storyboard interfaces and integrate them into their existing workflows. Alternatively, they can build their own new interfaces and use MixerFactory’s technology as a backend.

The Mixmoov Video API generates videos automatically by taking media such as videos, images, music, and text with a video structure description in XML as input. Developers will need to sign up on the registration page and purchase a minimum of 60 credits (1 Credit = $0.45) in order to get an API key and begin using the API. Further API information and documentation is available on the MixerFactory website.


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MixerFactory launches the Mixmoov Video API, a self-service Automatic Video Rendering API for developers