Mixpanel Unveils Codeless Mobile Analytics

Mobile analytics provider Mixpanel has released a solution for “point & click analytics” that eliminates the need for companies to write code to implement and update analytics in their apps.

With Codeless Mobile Analytics, Mixpanel users simply add the Mixpanel SDK to their app. Once installed, they connect to their app through a phone or emulator and Mixpanel provides a visual interface for selecting the events that are tracked. Data tracked can be used to measure engagement and retention, and perform funnel analysis. Mixpanel also offers people analytics, A/B testing, and notifications.

One of the biggest advantages Mixpanel touts about Codeless Mobile Analytics, beyond the fact that it significantly reduces the demands on development resources, is that it eliminates the need to create a new build-and-push-an-updated-app to the app stores when analytics configurations are changed. This ensures companies are able to obtain the analytics data they need immediately without having to wait for users to update to a newer version of their app. The “user fragmentation” that results from app updates can be a big problem for companies, and is particularly problematic when associated with analytics because it can prevent companies from obtaining the data they need to make important decisions.

Raising the bar

Developer experience is increasingly proving to be a critical differentiator for API providers. Making it easy for customers to integrate an API and maintain the Integration is a major part of developer experience and it also has a significant impact on how customers evaluate cost.

Codeless Mobile Analytics is a good example of how API providers are trying to address the challenges associated with API integration and maintenance. Mixpanel’s solution addresses the former by simply requiring that customers drop their SDK into an app, and the latter by providing an interface through which non-developers can configure and update configuration.

While this type of solution isn’t possible to offer for every type of API, expect to see more API providers look for ways that they too can offer codeless or low-code integration paths for their customers.

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