MMPC API Offers Easy Access to Mouse-based Medical Research

National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers (MMPC) are a group of National Institutes of Health sponsored resources that research diabetes, obesity and other metabolic diseases based in mice. The MMPC has made much of its research and data available through the MMPC API. Developers can pull from the data sets to enhance the research with Big Data tools and analytics.

In 2006, The NIH and MMPC collaborated together to further metabolic disease research, streamline processes, and develop a rich database that others could utilize in this space. Since then, MMPC has expanded its database to a reach a critical mass of valuable results. Users can use the online search tool, or integrate data directly into research flows with the API.

The API uses SOAP protocol and returns calls in an XML data format. Developers can pull animal model data directly from the MMPC API. Generally, developers have utilized the API in machine to machine data analytics environments. Those interested can learn more at the API site.

For generations, data have served the medical research community well. Data upon data has lead to breakthroughs that have extended lives, uncovered cures, and provided new insight into general wellness decisions. As our ability to capture more data expands, the need to easily access data and derive benefit from the data becomes more difficult. APIs simplify database access, and the MMPC API should come as a welcome addition to the medical community.

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