The Mobile and Telephony Mashup Market

How do you keep track of the ever expanding API universe that, with nearly 500 APIs, is over 10 times larger than it was when ProgrammableWeb launched just two years ago? Try using ProgrammableWeb's newest major feature: Markets. Markets is a set of new content areas that gives you a way to track APIs and mashups by industry segment, aka vertical. We're starting with three markets, each with it's own distinct section that aggregates topic-specific news, APIs, mashups, tutorials and other resources:

On the Mobile / Telephony side alone you'll notice that there are over 25 different APIs that fall under the Telephony and Messaging categories along with 104 'mobile' mashups and 113 tagged 'messaging'.

This is a rapidly evolving marketplace with lots to follow. In order to make sure we have the right expertise to cover this topic, I'm excited to annouce telephony expert Thomas Howe as ProgrammableWeb's first content partner. Besides bringing 20 years experience in that industry, Thomas also knows the API and mashup world very well: earlier this year he won the O'Reilly ETel 2007 Mashup Contest with After Hours Doctor's Office. This innovative and useful application transcribes office voicemails left by patients for doctors into text and then sends them via SMS to the doctor. It was built with a variety of APIs including StrikeIron SMS Pro and Amazon Mechanical Turk and you can read more about the development of this mashup in our first telephony mashup case study.

To get you started in this segment Thomas Howe has written a great introduction: Mobile/Telephony APIs and Mashups: The Big Picture. It gives a clear and concise overview of mobile APIs, call control APIs, messaging APIs and business models.

Stay tuned for more on our Markets sections and keep in mind that three's just the beginning. Social, video, government and enterprise are on the horizon.

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