Mobile and Web Image Recognition with Moodstocks API

The Moodstocks API provides image recognition services that developers can integrate into their mobile and web applications. The image recognition API allows developers to add reference images and define them--a process that in turn can be used when identifying objects in images. Developers can build a catalog of these reference images, establishing their own definition of what objects mean.

Using the API, application users would then submit pictures for recognition. The Moodstocks image recognition API is RESTFul with all responses in JSON. iPhone and Android SDKs are provided. The API has a freemium pricing structure -- a certain number of calls are free, and then there's a charge of €0.10 per image to store a month, and €0.10 per image search and recognition. At the current exchange rate, €0.10 is roughly US $0.14.

There are some very cool applications that have already been built on this image recognition API including which can turn a t-shirt into your business card. Some of the other use cases Moodstocks recommends include product reviews, comparing prices, ordering products and getting coupons. Moodstocks says it aims to bridge the physical and the digital worlds with its API and by allowing developers to establish their own definitions of what images "mean," this can be done in some interesting ways.

The image and object recognition market is just getting started with technology like Google Goggles. We list 6 image recognition APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory. I’m sure we will see some serious innovation in this area as mobile phone adoption continues to skyrocket, and developers integrate new forms of image recognition into their apps.

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