Mobile Backend Starts With Customers, Opens API for All

For mobile developers looking to launch a full-featured app fast, a mobile backend provider makes sense. Newly wide open Moblico is hardly new to the task. The company has been serving up the mobile backend of big companies since 2009. Now any developer can get started with the Moblico API to launch apps, with access to the features built explicitly for customer requests. Users, location and deals are among the areas covered by the new APIs.

Based in Kansas City, Moblico is headed by Pierre Barbeau, who introduced the world to mobile photo messaging while an executive at Sprint. Barbeau believes the company's background in mobile, along with its feature-set will make it competitive with the Parse API, StackMob API and other Backend-as-a-Service companies.

There is no shortage of options to power the backend of your mobile apps and there's a good reason. Many companies and brands are still clamoring to launch mobile apps. They can launch quicker with a boost from a mobile backend. And for those apps to be successful, they'll need to engage users, which requires giving them reasons to install and return to the app.

Features like Moblico's deals API help enable engagement. Deals in mobile apps aren't Groupon-like coupon services. Where coupons help companies acquire new customers, deals help companies reward repeat customers. For example, the age old example of an offer when you're near the store is something the could be added to an app with Moblico. Deals don't have to be tied to physical locations. A game might offer those who haven't logged in recently an enhancement that usually requires a purchase. Deals, above all, are an opportunity to re-engage users.

Current Moblico customers include radio stations and sports teams. The bigger the brand, the more likely that the real developer is a contracted digital agency. That's where Moblico's admin console comes in. Less technical team members. or the client themselves, can login and perform administrative functions. For example, a store might create a deal or other reward.

For developers, Moblico provides interactive Documentation for its RESTful API, as well as SDKs for iOS and Android.

Pricing for the Platform is based on user count and is free for the first 100 users. Tiered pricing begins at $250 per month.

Disclosure: the author has been an informal, unpaid advisor to Moblico.

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