Mobile Local Search Hackathon Goes Down Under

All iOS & Android Developers residing in and around Melbourne should mark the weekend of November 19 in their calendars. Sensis, a provider of Directory Services in Australia has organized a 2-day Hackathon where developers are challenged to develop the most useful application utilizing their API. The SAPI Hackathon will be held on Nov 19 & 20 at The York Butter Factory in Melbourne, Australia. Registration are now open and available only until November 14.

The Hackathon program is interesting. On the first day, each team will be assigned a unique business category (e.g. Home & Garden, Entertainment, etc). Developers then need to utilize the Sensis API which will provide them easy access to Yellow Pages and White Pages listings. While you must use the Sensis API, you are also encouraged to utilize other APIs. The first day kicks off at 9:00 AM and post-lunch, the teams get down to the business of coding. Coding continues through Sunday with the Pitch/Presentation starting at 4:30 PM and winners to be announced at 6PM.

The application will be judged on 5 types of criteria: Depth of Integration with SAPI, Innovation, Build Quality, User Experience and Utility. The winning team will receive a grand $10,000 cash prize along with support from the Sensis Team to design and promote the application to full readiness.

The Sensis API (SAPI) is a Business Search API for Yellow Pages® and White Pages® business listings and advertising content. The API is REST based and returns data in JSON format. An example of a business search using the API is shown below:

To get started with their API, you need to register for the API Key since that is used for authentication. The API is currently rate limited with Test API Keys allowing 250 calls per day. For more details, visit the documentation and the Gallery page for sample applications.

So if you are in Melbourne that weekend, put on your thinking hat, give the API a spin and register for the SAPI Hackathon.

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