Mobile Wallet App Developer Takes Lemon and Makes Lemonade

Lemon, mobile wallet app, announced the Lemon API as one component of the Lemonade Platform.

"Lemonade will let companies connect their payment, membership and gift cards, coupons and tickets right into the Lemon app and will allow them to communicate with their consumers through the app." - GigaOM

Prior to API Integration, Lemon users were required to snap photos of their receipts and cards to incorporate the data into the mobile wallet app. BetaKit says that Lemonade "let[s] any third-party developer or company add loyalty, payment or other functionality into its mobile app."

Lemon CEO, Wences Casares, mentioned the API developed out of the need to respond to users' request to incorporate more interactive capability within the Lemon app. Over 2 million users currently use the Lemon app, and Lemonade should only increase that base. Expanding functionality will help Lemon move towards its ultimate goal of digitizing the entire contents of consumers' wallets.

The API uses REST protocol and a JSON data format. Many of the Lemon features are available via API that allow merchant and consumer focused developers enhance their website or application. Additionally, developers who build on top of the API can keep in touch with their users through notifications sent through the Lemon app.

Lemon has already garnered much attention across many verticals, and has strong financial backing and a large user base to prove it. Lemon hopes to gain more exposure for Lemonade through a $20,000 developer contest. Those interested in the API can register at Lemonade's authorization page.

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