MobileX Labs Set to Open MXL Build to Broader Market

Mobile app development solution provider MobileX Labs has announced that its MXL Build app builder Platform will emerge from a successful beta to the broader public. MXL Build is a free native app builder that has attracted more than 25,000 interested users during its beta trial and sparked investments from the likes of Mark Cuban and The Garland Funds. As MXL Build moves into its new phase, ProgrammableWeb caught up with MobileX Labs CEO Dan Novaes and CTO Kiran Panesar.


The app economy continues to grow. As it does, more and more app builders seem to pop up every day. We asked Novaes what makes MXL Build unique:

MXL Build is the first free native mobile app builder. Not only do we allow users to create apps without any strings attached, but all our apps are 100% native and customized for iPhone, iPad and Android.

App builders insinuate limited coding, scale and automation. I can’t help but think an API story underlies these three attributes. Novaes confirmed:

Our builder integrates with nearly 50 different partner technologies (SoundCloud, Shopify, LevelUp, etc.), which allows for highly customizable development process for a variety of use cases.

MXL Builder caters to both the developer and nondeveloper communities. Panesar explained:

We allow nondevelopers to create apps without the traditional hassles of mobile app development. Little to no costs, no coding, long wait times, and hassles associated to app creation. In regards to developers/development houses, we have various users signed up to use our white-label service (our nonbranded app-creation tool), which saves them a lot of time and effort creating apps for their clients looking for a quick turnaround on a tight budget.

With a successful beta behind them, MobileX Labs is well on its way to a successful launch of MXL Build. Novaes described MobileX’s go-to-market strategy for MXL Build moving forward:

We have nearly 30,000 people signed up to use our builder. We have a really solid referral model in place, which has proven to be quite efficient in bringing on new clients. We have also aligned and integrated with strategic partners interested in using our platform to promote apps for their client base.

MXL Build was built with content creators in mind (e.g., musicians, websites, photographers, event planners). Because of that, its marketing and go-to-market strategy must be understood and monitored to continually move toward MobileX’s goals. Novaes described a number of metrics by which MobileX will measure success:

For [MobileX]: Total apps created, total downloads attained, the conversion we see between free/paid users, and the aggregation of the analytics we offer our users are all things we are taking into account while developing our new suite of upcoming add-ons.

For creators (MobileX analytics back end): Total apps created, total downloads attained, how much time people are spending within each module/within the app, heatmaps for the apps themselves so we can see how users are interacting with them, retention, daily active users, new users by day, amount of revenue generated, country demographics breakdown, conversion rate for in-apps, session lengths.

MobileX is set for success as it leads with a strong product in a growing market and is backed by proven investors. Keep an eye out for MobileX as it continues to make waves, and try out the app builder for free.

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