Mobius API Network Connects Apps to the Blockchain Ecosystem

The Mobius API enables third party apps to accept Blockchain payments and functions. Through the API, developers gain access to the Mobius App Store and all blockchain-based cryptocurrencies.The Mobius App Store is a developer-centric Platform designed to deliver next generation apps utilizing blockchain technology and Mobius tools.

Mobius’ offering includes a network of APIs that work with all blockchains. Using the Mobius platform, any internet connected app can use the API network to easily integrate with the growing number of blockchains. Mobius takes care of security with SSL and AES-256 Encryption so developers can focus on app development. Token payments, login, governance, and oracles are all simply accessed through Mobius.

Developers can gain access to the API network through keys. Those interested can obtain a key through the Developer Portal. DApp store calls can pull store balance and use. Further, developers can register, create, transfer, and pull information for tokens. Mobius uses webhook callbacks to alert developers of actions. Check out the API docs to learn more.

Mobius’ primary goal is to connect internet-enabled apps and devices to the blockchain ecosystem. Through a series of simple protocols and an API network, Mobius hopes to achieve just that. Keep up to date with all Mobius updates via is Medium site.

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