MobStac Releases API for Mobile Development Platform

MobileMotion Technologies, maker of the MobStac mobile platform, recently launched the MobStac API. Developers can integrate the MobStac API with any programming interface to create and manage mobile sites and apps. The MobStac platform has cemented itself as a trusted leader in mobile development, and the API simply expands its reach. MobStac CEO, Sharat Potharaju, commented:

“The launch of MobStac’s API will give the opportunity for developers and web development companies to create applications on top of our tried and tested MobStac platform."

MobStac currently powers over 8,000 applications that span more than 40 countries in 12 different languages. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders (e.g. Google,, etc.), MobStac is positioned to boost its traction and build value with an API release. The API enables developers to empower its current development environment with a world class mobile platform.

The MobStac API uses REST protocol and SDKs are available for iOS and Android. For the time being, API access will be granted via an invite only basis. To learn more or request an invite, visit the developer site.

We live in a mobile world. MobStac's mobile platform has helped enable the web's transformation. Now, the MobStac API will enable legacy, hardened websites to easily transition to fully functional, robust mobile sites. Request an invite, or keep an eye out for the MobStac API 's public availability.

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Hello Eric,

Thank you for writing about MobStac. I would like to point out that we have strategic partnerships with Google, Garcia Interactive and PubMatic. uses MobStac to power their mobile website.