Mocapay API Unifies Mobile Payments and Programs Across Devices

Mocapay focuses on mobilizing businesses' payment, loyalty, coupon, and gift programs through innovative software. Mocapay aims to unify merchant programs and payment options across all devices. To enhance its Platform, Mocapay recently launched a token solution that integrates with any POS system via an API. James Ray, Mocapay CTO, explained:

"This is not like a co-branded experience.... We enable a merchant to integrate their own wallet solution, which allows the merchant to quickly and effectively add gift, payment, coupon and loyalty to their own branded mobile wallet.”

Mocapay sits at the forefront of one of the most disruptive technologies today's mobile world has to offer. In addition to making the Red Herring Top 100 list twice, Mocapay partners with industry leaders in the POS space. The API offer should only broaden its partner ecosystem and propel Mocapay's success in the mobile merchant industry.

After Integration with the API, merchants can accept payment via QR code, key entry, scan, or NFC. The API offers a simple, clean integration that eliminates the need for back end adjustments to utilize the platform. Developers interested in learning more about the API should contact the development team. Mocapay participates in a hotly contested environment. Those solutions that offer the simplest integration with the broadest capabilities should excel, and Mocpay's API accomplishes just that.

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