Mogreet Drops Pricing on SMS

Text and rich messaging company Mogreet dropped its pricing on SMS Wednesday, the company told ProgrammableWeb at API World. The company used to charge 1 cent for a text message, now it charges .75 cents for inbound or outbound messaging.

The change in pricing follows a drop in SMS pricing by competitors Twillio and Nexmo. All three companies offer APIs for incorporating their platforms into other services. Nexmo was originally the low price leader in SMS, but in September, Twillio dropped its SMS price to .75 cents to match it, so Nexmo dropped its price again to .65 cents for outbound. Nexmo does not charge for inbound messages.

While Nexmo positions itself as a wholesale text messaging provider focused on the global SMS market, Mogreet packages its offers with fully branded marketing services aimed at enterprise users. Mogreet also focuses exclusively on the US.

Mogreet claims what separates it from competitors in the field is MMS. The company offers full MMS capabilities with images and video via short code. Twillio, which offers SMS and voice, recently introduced picture messaging, but does not offer capabilities for sending video.

Mogreet, a startup in Venice, CA, was recently bought up by bill-to-carrier mobile payment provider Payvia. The two companies still keep separate websites, however.

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