Mogreet Launches Suite of SMS, MMS, Transcoding and User Lookup APIs

Mogreet, a video text message marketing and mobile technology solutions company, has launched a complete suite of SMS, MMS, Transcoding and User Lookup APIs, available at the Mogreet Developers Website. Or check out the ProgrammableWeb profile for the Mogreet API.


Image Credit: Mogreet

Mogreet's Mobile API Services allow developers to quickly and easily add text or multimedia messages, notifications and alerts to mobile device applications. Developers can also use the Platform to transcode, host and send video as well as audio and images.

"Over the last several years, our text, picture and video messaging platform has powered many of the industry’s largest and most successful mobile video and messaging campaigns,” said James Citron, co-founder and CEO of Mogreet. “Today, we’re opening up access to this same platform via a set of APIs."

The SMS and MMS Messaging APIs are RESTful and communicate with the MSP via HTTPS GET or POST. Responses to API calls are in XML or JSON format, however the default response format is XML. All API calls must use SSL protocols and a client id and token must be included in every call.

Mogreet's MMS APIs are supported by all major carriers and the cost for developers to add rich media messaging into their applications is only $0.01 per message sent (SMS or MMS delivery).

"Now developers have a simple, easy to use set of APIs to deliver messages, notifications, alerts and rich media to mobile devices,” says Anthony Rossano, CTO of Mogreet, “We can’t wait to see what the millions of creative developers out there will build with our platform and messaging APIs."

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