Mojio Launches IOT Car Module And App Development Platform

Vancouver-based IoT company Mojio has just announced the release of their new in-vehicle module, now available for purchase. Refined throughout years of development and testing, the 3G-powered device syncs with the on-board diagnostic port found in any car build in 1996 or later. Using the 3G connection, the car is linked to the cloud, giving power to upload data to track GPS, ignition, brake tracking, oil levels, and more. 

The Mojio APIs allow open access to the Mojio device data, and are available for developers to construct apps for the Mojio app store. So far, the store consists of tools like Concur, used for tracking mileage and driving data, and Glympse, a GPS tracking app so that drivers can monitor car location at all times. Additional services such as FleetLead, IFTT, Kiip Rewards & GoodCoins are planning to incorporate Mojio device data to fuel their own applications. 

“We wanted to empower the software community to bring about the connected car revolution instead of trying to do it ourselves,” said Mojio Co-Founder and CEO Jay Giraud. Creating iOS & Android apps with this data could befit auto insurers, driver safety app designers, parking reservation, location based services, and additional industry verticals. 

Drivers of unconnceted cars can view the product on Mojio's site or Amazon, and developers may visit the Mojio Developer Center for more information on integration. 

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Mojio launches its plug-in car module that connects the unconnected car