MolecularMatch Announces new SDK and Improved Drug Search

MolecularMatch, a clinical informatics company providing Precision Medicine software solutions for oncology, announced the release of MMPower v4, the latest update to its Clinical Decision Support Platform. This new release adds expanded therapeutic guidance and a new Software Developer's Kit ( SDK) to broaden language support and speed up time-to-market for software developers writing custom applications integrating with the MolecularMatch platform.

Key new features for MolecularMatch's expanded therapeutic guidance include:

  • Expanded pharmacology details including mechanism of action, toxicity, contraindication, and drug metabolism
  • Regional approval status now includes EMA and HCA in addition to FDA
  • Dosage options
  • Pricing specifics

In addition, the new SDK for MMPower v4 offers language support for Java and Python, in addition, the current REST API. MMPower gives software developers full access to all of the MMPower knowledgebase endpoints, including matching patients to clinical trials, therapeutic guidance, and all related literature and publications. The company plans to expand language support in the future to other languages, including JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and PHP.

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