Molio Creates Proxy API for YouTube Video Ads

Editor's Note 2/19: We have recieved information regarding the nature of Molio's involvement with the Poo~Pourri product and advertisement. In light of that we have removed mention of Poo~Pourri from the article.

There is no API for YouTube’s AdWords for Video Platform. So video marketing startup Molio built custom integrations with the YouTube platform that allows them to operate as if they have access to an API. This lack of an API at Google created a huge opportunity for a startup to become a market leader.

Molio is well known for using YouTube videos for marketing. Molio’s team works closely with the AdWords for Video staff at YouTube. Molio’s feedback has helped shape the video ads product over the years. YouTube’s goal is to increase spending on video ads, and Molio both spends a lot and helps brands spend more — so Molio’s YouTube relationship is uniquely close and beneficial.

Molio leveraged its experience and relationships with YouTube to create integrations with the YouTube platform that essentially create a proxy API. This proxy API gives them programmatic access to YouTube’s AdWords for Video platform, and their campaigns outperform other agencies that are forced to work with the platform manually.

Molio does not give details on how they built the Integration, but they emphasize that everything they do is within the terms of service of Google AdWords.

You can witness the frustration of other Adwords for Video users in this discussion thread with the Google AdWords API Team, where they politely and repeatedly tell people there are no plans for API access to video campaign metrics. Without easy access to campaign metrics, it is very hard to optimize video ad campaign performance.

Molio’s programmatic ad technology platform can operate thousands of AdWords for Video campaigns at the same time. In contrast, Molio says that expert campaign managers who are doing work manually can only optimize 20 to 30 campaigns at a time. Molio can do campaign optimizations and hypertargetting at scale, because they are doing programmatic ad bidding software for video, while its competitors have to click through a web interface.

Molio developed their technology while helping to build the popular consumer product brands: Orabrush and Orapup.  Orabrush helps with bad breath and Orapup helps your dog’s breath.  Videos for these unique products have been popular on YouTube and this video marketing alone has been responsible for building successful e-commerce businesses and getting subtantial retail distribution.

“We are not a viral video company. Our success is due to video ad spending on YouTube,” said Molio’s CEO Jeff Davis at the Digital Entertainment World conference in Los Angeles. People often use Molio’s videos as examples of viral marketing hits, because they are so popular. Molio does optimize their content by testing different messaging, calls to action, length of video, etc., which makes them more viral — but it is ad technology that drives their success, not pure virality.

Molio is a new startup created when the video marketing core of Orabrush’s consumer products business split off into a venture-backed technology company. Based in Utah, Molio recently received venture investments from Greylock and True Ventures.

Molio’s technology is more than just the YouTube integration that creates a proxy API. Molio’s Back-end systems analyze data, make optimizations, and automate bidding. Molio enhances targeting by integrating third-party data sources and capturing significant data when people click through to landing pages.

Molio is a branding company as well. Molio creates video ads that are successul at building their own brands using only the YouTube platform. Molio now creates video content for major brands using an in-house agency capability. They then distribute this video using their programmatic ad bidding software for YouTube videos.

Molio gave this success story: Molio used geotargeting to reach consumers who live within 25 miles of Walmart locations. After 7 to 10 days, retail consumption of their products increased 40 percent or more at those stores. Traditionally, consumer packaged goods advertising is considered successful if it gets a 10-to-20-percent lift. Molio’s success is because they optimize the content of their videos as well as the technology platform, which allows them to run campaigns for thousands of stores simultaneously.

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