Launches Application Framework for its Workplace Management Platform, a provider of a team management Platform that aims to help companies scale while keeping employees “engaged, productive, and happy”, has announced the release of an application Framework. The company is hoping that this release will lead to a network of applications that serve both private and public workflows.

The application framework, which is designed to provide a low-code environment, has been optimized for speedy development. The announcement of the new framework notes that this efficiency has already provided benefits:

“’s internal R&D team created the first 20 Apps on the Framework in just two days, in response to user feedback, and to enhance the Work OS with Apps that would better support working from home. Apps that were built by the internal team include Collaborative Whiteboard, a shared ideation space, and Performance Insights,  a new way to understand your workflow performance, easily see where tasks are “Stuck” and how to improve.”

The announcement of the framework is just the beginning, with the company planning on launching a public marketplace to showcase applications built later this year. To help facilitate development is also providing builders workshops, webinars, and an online community.

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