Monetize Flash Map Mashups with Lat49 Ads

Want to make money from Flash map mashups? One new alternative comes from Lat49, the online ad network for interactive maps, who have just added support for integrating ads into Flash maps. As we covered last year, Lat49 enables map mashup developers to layer geographically relevant ads onto third party mapping platforms like Google Maps and Yahoo Maps. The contextual ads can be placed on top of and alongside the maps themselves. They also offer developers an API for finer control over the ads (details at our Lat49 API profile).

As an example of a commercial mashup application using their new Flash Platform, see, a rental and real-estate search site shown below (HotPads profile).

As developers continue to look for additional ways to monetize mashups this sort of geo-centric, but platform independent approach can provide one more money making option.

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