Monitise Launches Mobile Money API

Monitise, a global leader in mobile money solutions, announced the launch of its cloud-based platform that offers API access to multiple digital banking and payment products. Clients and third-party content providers can now integrate Monitise's product offering directly into existing properties to enhance banking offerings.

"We have invested in our Platform to create smarter, faster and better access to our current and future suite of products as well as an ever-growing range of devices," Monitise COO Mike Dreyer said in a press release. "Over the course of the next year, we expect to see our new cloud-based platform play an increasingly important role in driving our user numbers and revenue growth. The platform has been designed to help us deliver digital products built around consumer needs."

Capabilities offered in the platform include bank-grade security and Authentication, mutlitenancy, customer support dashboards and standardized reporting. For those seeking assistance with Integration and consumer experience expertise, Monitise offers a host of best-in-class services to assist. From design and digital strategy to demand generation and individual client customization, Monitise maintains the resources to help integrate the new API platform to best fit business needs.

Banks, payment companies, retailers and mobile networks represent a small cross-section of the Monitise client base. Opening API access to its robust feature set will only enhance Monitise's ability to expand its customer reach and deeper integrate into customers' businesses. The API strategy further propels Monitise's overarching strategy to "bank anywhere, pay anyone, buy anything."

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