Moonlighting Launches Moon API, an Open API for On-Demand Hiring

Moonlighting, a freelance hiring Platform that first opened in 2014, recently announced the open release of the Moon API. The API allows staffing professionals and recruiters to post short and long-term projects on the company’s platform, reaching over 650,000 users.

The API has been available since 2017, although only in private partnership with local media companies and a prominent recruitment platform. Since then, the company has made moves to open up its platform to more recruitment outlets, including decentralizing the platform and adopting Blockchain technology. Opening up the Moon API to more developers is another step in this evolution.

Speaking to the value of an open API, Moonlighting CEO Jeff Tennery had this to say:

The MOON API will help us cast a wider net for agencies and recruiters looking for affordable, real-time hiring solutions and allow us to collaborate with them to find the right talent fast.

The API costs $99/month and is available now.

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