Mopper Mops Up Top Prize In Paypal Challenge

The Paypal Developer Challenge for Android has announced its results. The Paypal Challenge was in its 3rd edition and was focused only on Android applications. Given the rise of Android phones and the fact that mobile payment is likely to play a more important role moving forward, the challenge was squarely focussed on seeing how well developers would integrate Paypal solutions into their applications.

The challenge kicked off in March of this year. It included an idea round, subsequent to which developers kept working on their applications with final submissions due in June. Naveed Anwar, Head of Community, X.Commerce announced the winners in a blog post with two out of the top 3 winners utilizing QR Codes.

First place went to Mopper, an app that allows you to scan QR codes, or "mops," that advertisers can use to promote their services, products, events and much more. The key difference is that the application allows you to pay for the product right there via Paypal.

Second place went to ThruTu, which we have covered earlier. ThruTu allows you to exchange information while you are in the middle of a call. One of the actions that it allows is for users to easily and securely make payments via its Paypal for ThruTu button.

Third place and People’s Choice Award went to SiZigia, an app that employs QR codes to help restaurants manage group payments. A unique QR code is generated for each group and they can look up the bill, calculate person share, tips and pay the bill securely via PayPal.

The cash prizes for the first three places were $25K, $15K and $10K, in addition to a Motorola Aitrix 4G.

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