MoPub API Integrates Ad Management Platform with Third Party Apps

MoPub, ad serving Platform for web and mobile apps, offers the MoPub API which enables developers to integrate MoPub functionality with third party apps. Users manage, track, and monetize ad campaigns via the MoPub platform. API access allows users to incorporate MoPub’s world class features with existing or custom built tools. MoPub CEO, Jim Payne, explained:

“MoPub’s mission since we started the company three years ago has been to enable the world’s publishers to create great mobile content, through powerful and sophisticated advertising technology.”

MoPub has exploded into the startup scene, and now conducts over 2 billion ad auctions per day generating over $100 million in revenue per month. Part of its success stems from its dedication to the developer community and API Integration partnerships. Take a look at its impressive customer list, and read some case studies to better understand the API integration possibilities.

The MoPub API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Sample methods include retrieving revenue lists, transactions, account information, and more. For more information, visit the MoPub GitHub page.

Advertising turned the internet into one of the most revenue rich industries in history. Ads are quickly doing the same thing to the mobile app industry. An ad management platform like MoPub is necessary to scale ad campaigns to their fullest. The API capabilities ease the pains of adopting a new platform through integrating with existing apps and tools.

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