More About Google's Health Data API

Google has announced the release of additional documentation for its relatively new Health Data API. We covered the release of this API earlier this year, noting that it was one of the first few APIs added to our Medical Category.

Because this is a fairly complex API (not surprising given the sensitive nature of the underlying data), the site now provides a lot more detail for developers:

In addition, there is new information for third-party services and data providers. The Getting Started Guide provides information for using H9, a developers sandbox, as well as guidance for authentication, domain registration, and troubleshooting errors.

There are Java and .NET client libraries as well as sample code for Java, .NET, and Python. Also note that the Developer Best Practices page is easy and straightforward to follow, and it includes information on User Interface/Flow, Token Management, Data Updates, Data Content, and more.

The Medical Category in our API directory continues to grow, with 10 medical APIs listed at present. We are curious to see how much traction this new API will gain this year, as well as which other service providers will release health/medical APIs in the near future.


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