A More Appetizing Way To Deal With Client Invoicing: Pancake API

Billing clients and managing invoices and payments is time consuming and probably not the most enjoyable part of running a business. Pancake is a self-hosted online business suite that makes the whole process a lot easier. This application allows users to invoice clients online, manage projects from proposal to completion and more. Pancake provides the Pancake API that allows users to access this functionality through HTML.


Here's what it can do:

Online invoicing -

Users can create as many invoices as required. Once the invoice has been created, the user sends a customized email to their client with a link to the invoice. The invoice can be paid immediately at this point. Pancake also keeps track of who has and hasn't paid.

Project management -

The application allows the user to keep track of tasks, create milestones and manage priorities.

Time tracking -

Users can record time spent working on a task as well as print off detailed time sheets reflecting how the time was spent.

Proposals -

Users can create professional proposals and send them to clients.

File delivery -

Users can attach files to an invoice and when that invoice is paid, Pancake provides the client with a download link giving them access to the files.

Client access area -

Users can interact with clients, show progress, share files for approval and brainstorm ideas.


The Pancake API uses REST calls and requires an API key. More information is available on the Pancake website.

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