More Complete Contact Info with Full Contact API

Building a customer relationship management (CRM) system in this age of social media isn't about just having name, address, phone and email anymore. You need be able to use all channels possible for communicating and interacting with your customers. Its not just about calling, mailing or emailing your customers anymore, you have to actually engage them on whatever platforms and social networks they use on a daily basis.

So how do you create a complete profile of your customers, and keep your contact information in your CRM system up to date?

It is something you could do manually or hire someone to do, but your time is better spent engaging with customers regarding their needs, your products and services, rather than doing data management on your contact database. This type of situation is a perfect example of how APIs can change the way you do business, and make you more effective in your everyday business.

The Full Contact API is one API that satisfies this need, enabling you to send an email address to its RESTful API, and Full Contact will correct misspellings, add full name, update title and company, suggest an up-to-date image and social media profiles and many other useful contact methods and returns a complete contact record in xml, json, or vCard format.

Each record you sent to Full Contact API will cost 3 cents to update, and they also provide enterprise, startup & volume pricing and the company includes deep volume discounts, along with fixed monthly pricing for startups, CRMs, resellers and address book apps.

Full Contact just updated its entire web site and developer center with enhanced documentation, added API endpoints including name stats, name normalization and name parser. The recent API enhancements also added a digitalFootprint, which contains information such as influence topics and social influence scores from Klout, to sweeten the deal.

The Full Contact API is a great example of how APIs allow companies to specialize in one area, providing an invaluable resource for other companies, that can be accessed in a self-service, affordable, pay-as-you go business model--truly demonstrating how APIs can change the business landscape, allowing companies to be more efficient and stay competitive.

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