More Fun With Flickr

Here's four interesting new creations built on the Flickr API:

  • Spell with Flickr: Type a word or phrase into this fun Flickr application and it will return a set of images spelling-out that word, ransom-note style. [Created by Erik Kastner].
  • Tagnautica: An experimental navigation tool for exploring the space of related Flickr tags. Type in one start tag and dive into tag space. Requires Flash 8. [Created by Mario Klingemann].
  • Flickr Related Tag Browser: Another interesting way to browse flickr-space is through this nice search and visualization tool. Flickr tags are keywords used to classify images. Related tags shown based on clustered usage analysis. [Created by Felix Turner].
  • Flyr: Search flickr for geotagged photos. Very clever map-within-a-map UI. [Created by Paul Downey].

See more photo-related examples and mashups by using the photo tag:

John Musser

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