More Interesting Mashups, Part 1

Besides all of the good mashups from Mashup Camp there has been some interesting, fun and useful mashups added to the directory here. The total is now at 850 mashups. Here's a rundown of some notables:

  • The Sheep Market: 10,000 sheep created by online workers. An Amazon Mechanical Turk application. Each worker was paid 2 cents US to draw a sheep facing left. Buy your favorite. Unlike anything before.
  • Air Travel Emissions Calculator: A Google Maps mashup that allows you to calculate the per-passenger greenhouse gas emissions created by a commercial airline flight between any two airports.
  • SoundSeeker: Explore the sounds of New York City with this aural map from the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology. Audio is directly integrated into the map marker popups. Nicely done.

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The Sheep Market is in no sense a "mashup." It is simply a clever use of the Mechanical Turk service. It doesn't combine that service with anything (ok, maybe with the art gallery system, but that's hardly a technology).