Most Popular APIs Used at Hackathons

Devpost (formerly ChallengePost) is a place where the development community can share software projects, build portfolios and compete in hackathons both in person and online. As part of its debut Rankings Report, Devpost listed the most popular APIs used at student hackathons around the world during 2014/15.

The results were determined from a sample of 13,281 student hackers from 160 events. No percentages or determining values were associated with the results, but the APIs were divided up by category.
Communications APIs
As may have been expected, TwilioTrack this API took top spot. The cloud communications company beat Yo into second place, followed by SendGridTrack this API in third. Embeddable collaboration tool Moxtra came in fourth, followed by MailjetTrack this API.
Social APIs
The social APIs were dominated by FacebookTrack this API and TwitterTrack this API, who came in first and second respectively. The social, news and entertainment website RedditTrack this API beat Instagram to finish third, with Google+Track this API finishing fifth.
Payments APIs
Despite some concerns over its security, VenmoTrack this API was the most-used payments API, though that may be a result of the sample demographic. PaypalTrack this API and StripeTrack this API came in second and third respectively, with Braintree, who acquired Venmo in 2012, finishing fourth. Bitcoin’s public ledger Blockchain brought in the rear of the payments group.
Geo APIs
Unsurprisingly, Google MapsTrack this API took top spot for Geo APIs. Yelp took second place with Google Places finishing third. The organisational mapping Platform ArcGISTrack this API came in fourth, while custom online map provider MapBoxTrack this API finished fifth.
Music APIs
SpotifyTrack this API and The Echo NestTrack this API could be benefiting from their corporate connection to finish first and second respectively. Online music distribution platform SoundCloudTrack this API finished third ahead of Google PlayTrack this API in fourth. Rdio’sTrack this API social jukebox took the final spot amongst the music APIs.

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