Moves API: Making Every Step Count

Getting in the right amount of daily exercise is important for general health, but how many of us know exactly how active we are on a daily basis? How much do we actually move and how can we track it? Moves is an application that transforms your iPhone into a portable movement tracker; a handy tool that is a combination of the kind of functionalities you'd find in other gadgets and apps such as Nike+ fuelband, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Runtastic etc. Moves also provides the Moves API that allows developers to access this functionality and integrate it with other applications.


Moves automatically records any walking, cycling and running a user does, providing an automatic daily diary or storyline, showing users accurate information on when and how much they move. The application achieves this by accessing sensor and location information from a user's iPhone in order for it to identify routes, locations and activities; all the user has to do is carry their iPhone in their pocket, bag, hand or even on an armband. There isn't an Android version at the moment, but those who may be interested can sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

The availability of the Moves API means developers can use the activities, places and routes tracked by the application to create anything from new apps and integrations to visualisations and games. The system uses OAuth 2.0 for Authentication and authorization, with the actual authorization taking place in the Moves app. In order to make use of the API, developers will need to register an application in order to get a Client ID and Secret. Further information is available on the Moves developer site.

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