Moxie's Engage+ Turns Facebook Fans into Customers

Moxie Software has released Engage+,"the first social chat app that leverages Facebook’s social graph leveraging public profiles to target social visitors with unique proactive offers and provide agents with a rich set of social data." Until now, sales and customer service reps had access to limited customer data when interacting with customers via chat (e.g. customer name, purchase history, email, perhaps a few other data points). Engage+ utilizes Facebook's social graph to further understand and engage customers during chat conversations (e.g. age, brand likes, friends, mobile usage, and many more data points). Deeper profiling during a customer interaction allows companies to produce customized offers pinpointed at specific customers.

Moxie VP of Marketing, Tara Sporrer, believes Engage+ addresses the ongoing troublesome task of converting Facebook followers into buying customers.  Agents understand where they stand within their competitive environment and what type of prospect they are dealing with which helps shape messaging. Sporrer explained:

"Engage Plus enables enterprises to present proactive offers within a customer’s Facebook fan page, based on information in their public profile....The application uses the Facebook Graph API to present customized offers based on a consumer’s unique Facebook preferences."

Engage+ interfaces with the Facebook social graph via the Facebook Graph API. Moxie's chat technology allows brands to invite consumers, who visit the brand's Facebook page, to chat. When the consumer accepts the chat, the brand agent gets access to the consumer's Facebook profile information.

It's no secret that Facebook pages have become important for brand awareness and customer engagement. However, converting "likes" to "sales" continues to represent an elusive recipe. Moxie Software's new attempt to bridge the gap looks promising and could add tremendous value to social media across brands of all shapes and sizes. Visit the Enage+ site to learn more or chat with an agent.

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