Mozilla Adds Three Experimental Features to Firefox through Test Pilot Program

Mozilla just announced three new test features for its Firefox browser through the Firefox Test Pilot program. Test Pilot is an opt-in platform where Firefox users can choose experimental features that Mozilla is testing for Firefox. The three latest features added to Test Pilot include Send, Notes, and Voice Fill.

Send allows users to upload and encrypt large files, up to 1GB, to share with one, individual user. After the file is downloaded once, the file is automatically destroyed. When the user uploads a file, Send creates a link that the user can send to the intended downloader. Because the link is is encrypted on the client side, not even Mozilla can read the file. The file is deleted from the Send server after one download or 24 hours. Although Send was created through the Test Pilot server, it can be used in most modern browsers; thus, it does not require the Test Pilot ad-on for Firefox. Check out this video to learn more.

Notes adds a notepad for users to jot notes on the browser's sidebar. For now, the formatting is very basic. Mozilla is requesting that users checkout the Notes feature and tell Mozilla what to add. You can contribute to the Notes project here, or discuss the feature here. Further, check out this video to learn more.

Finally, Voice Fill is an AI-based, Speech to Text (STT) add-on to Firefox. Once implemented, users can speak to create input for the Firefox browser. Because Voice Fill is AI-based, the more users utilize the feature, the more Voice Fill will learn, and the more optimized it will become. Voice Fill is certainly one of those features that exemplifies Mozilla's mission: " ensure the Internet is a global, public resource, open and accessible to all." To learn more, check out this video. Currently, Mozilla has added Voice Fill to Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo search pages.

The Firefox Test Pilot program is a great way to develop new browser features. For most test projects, the Test Pilot add-on is required. For each new feature in the program, Mozilla includes a tour, changelog, participation and bug reporting through GitHub, and a community discussion site.

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