Mpire Uses APIs for Shopping Widgets

Mpire, the meta-shopping service that uses APIs from eBay,, and others, today launched a new widget service with variety of interesting shopping widgets. The Mpire widgets are unique in that they leverage their database of trillions of shopping transactions to show trends in a variety of product categories. People who install the widget on their site or blog will keep 100 percent of the revenue generated as Mpire looks to make money by selling custom widgets to bigger players. Below is a screenshot of the "eBay Pop Movers and Shakers" widget:


This picks-up on the growing trend towards monetization of widgets (as in this recent TechCrunch piece) and in this case is effectively a monetization of the underlying APIs.

John Cook from the Seattle P-I has more details on this story today.

John Musser

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I wish the widgets had content sensitivity functionality. This is what made Google Adsense a success.