MSN Messenger Contest Winners

Microsoft just announced the winners in their MSN Messenger World's Best App Contest. The goal was to inspire developers to create interesting multi-person applications and games within Messenger. Which they did. Here are the top 3 winners:

  • Grand Prize: Pool allows you to try your hand at pool hustling while messaging.
  • 1st Prize Games: Hide and Seek lets one player has to hide in a MSN Virtual Earth map and the other one has to find him. MSN Search is integrated for helping dig-up clues.
  • 1st Prize Non-Game: Noteasic allows you and someone else to work on a note at the same time. Two users can work on different parts of the note and see the changes/edits as they happen and then send a copy of the note to others.

The winners got some nice prizes for their efforts.

There are currently a dozen Messenger apps listed here. You can see them via this URL:

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<strong>MSN Messenger World's Best App Contest</strong>

The winners of the contest have been announced. The winner? Pool.

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