MTN Opens Mobile Money API to Ghana

MTN, an emerging market mobile operator across Africa and the Middle East, has expanded its Mobile Money API to Ghana. The API enables remote, automated collection of bills, fees, and taxes. Once collected, users can automatically direct funds to users and accounts. Prior to the Ghana addition, the API was open to developers in Uganda.

Envisioned use cases for the API include collections, disbursements, and remittance. Developers can build collections applications that enable remote and automated collections. This applies to bills, fees, and taxes. Disbursements allow developers to extend services to automatically deposit funds to multiple Mobile Money users in a single transaction. Remittance functionality allows developers to build solutions that remit payment to local users. Additionally, a Collection Widget allows for the receipt and approval of Mobile Money payments through scanning a QR code.

MTN has provided full documentation and an API sandbox where developers can test out the API. API users gain full access to the MoMo API community. To learn more, visit the MTN developer site.

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