MuHu Announces Video Intelligence API

MuHu, a mobile video intelligence company, announced the availability of an open API for its MuHu video platform. The goal of the API release is to empower the developer community with the tools necessary to build video intelligence applications. The API aims to eliminate walls between siloed technologies which should allow for deeper, more insightful connections between apps and systems.

"MuHu does for video intelligence what Google did for maps and navigation," MuHu founder and CEO, Blake Gasca, commented in a press release. "Siloed, proprietary video systems are now obsolete."

While MuHu started in the video for transportation industry, the company foresees adoption well beyond transportation. The video intelligence available through the API has been building for quite some time, and MuHu has used it to power its own Platform. Now, such intelligence is readily available.

The "MuHu API is a system to system communication interface." Any registered app or system easily communicate with support for both JSON and XML. The API supports most platforms (e.g. mobile, web, JavaScript, desktop, etc.). Benefits include the ability to leverage streaming and GPS data, utilizing smartphone/tablet sensors to trigger events, the Integration of mobile video into telematics solutions, the expansion of mobile video and IoT apps outside beyond the transportation industry, and much more.

The sky is the limit when MuHu begins to explain use case scenarios. The company believes that the API could completely overhaul insurance underwriting and risk mitigation, video wearables within the health and safety space, traffic and weather applications, and other common industries. Check out a developer demo here and the API docs here.

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