MuleSoft Announces Anypoint Platform for APIs July Release

MuleSoft, an API Integration and management Platform provider, has just announced the general availability of the Anypoint Platform for APIs July release. The significance of this release, according the company, is that the Anypoint API management platform has been consolidated into a single, seamless unified platform that provides users a "360 degree view of their APIs across the entire API lifecycle."

With this latest release, the Anypoint Platform for APIs has been transformed into what the company describes as "the only end-to-end platform to design, document, expose, manage and integrate APIs." The enhancements included in this release focus on three key concepts which are Unified Platform, Advanced Identity Management, and Powerful Analytics.

According to MuleSoft Sr Director, Product Management Reza Shafii "This release of the Anypoint Platform for APIs places a broad set of rich API tooling at developers fingertips, allowing them to address the entirety of the API lifecycle in a more efficient and effective manner. It takes the guesswork out of delivering successful API programs."

Unified Platform

The July release includes a single sign-on and all-new shared User Interface across the platform. API owners can design, deploy, document, monitor, and manage APIs. Developers can register their applications and consume enterprise APIs using the same platform. This unified system promises to help speed up the development cycle of APIs and help to improve and expedite API discovery by consumers.

Advanced Identity Management

This latest release includes new identity management functionality which includes external identity management supported with PingFederate, PingFederate access token enforcement, JSON threat protection, and XML threat protection. This makes it possible for users to take advantage of existing identity systems as well as help to provide additional security.

Powerful Analytics

The Analytics Overview Dashboard. -- Image Credit: MuleSoft

The platform now includes analytics capabilities allowing users to monitor, extract, and visualize API usage and performance data. It is also possible for users to create their own custom data analytics charts and dashboards. API usage data can be filtered by date, location, application, and platform. API Metrics include requests, response size, request size, and response time.

Anypoint Platform Sees Continuous Improvement

MuleSoft has been very busy this year adding new features and improvements to the Anypoint platform. In January, the company launched a major upgrade to the Anypoint Platform for APIs which includes the Anypoint API Portal, Mule Studio with APIkit, and Anypoint API Manager. MuleSoft CTO Uri Sarid told ProgrammableWeb's Mark Boyd, that "The Anypoint Platform helps API-fy the whole enterprise, or allows a company to mobile enable a particular part of their business." He went on to say that "We wanted to make sure we offer a complete service for those who want to externalize or expose their APIs, we provide them with all the tools they need to succeed."

In May, MuleSoft announced a cloud integration platform upgrade making it easier to integrate with applications. The company also announced that Anypoint Studio (formerly Mule Studio), is "now 30 times faster in terms of process data mapping and transformations." Earlier this month, the company announced the availability of new solutions for integrating cloud-enabled enterprise platforms with a wider range of Microsoft technologies.

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Disclosure: MuleSoft is the Parent Company of ProgrammableWeb.

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