MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Now Serves Data From Multiple APIs With Single GraphQL Query

MuleSoft has updated its Anypoint Platform to include an all-new product that enables developers to leverage multiple APIs with a single GraphQL query. This new solution, Anypoint DataGraph, is designed to be utilized without the need to write any additional code and Builds upon GraphQL’s strength in leveraging complex datasets.

The backbone of DataGraph is the creation of unified schemas for API collections, allowing for simplified parsing of data from multiple locations across an organization. This unified schema can then be leveraged by developers in order to request data from multiple APIs, without the need to write multiple API requests or write a custom solution for parsing through long responses. Crucially, DataGraph handles the heavy lifting, and developers are not required to understand the underlying connections behind API relationships.

Anypoint DataGraph User Interface

Additionally, DataGraph includes a performance monitoring suite that allows developers to check in on query response times. The monitoring tools provide a visual representation of response time throughout the data retrieval process and can be used to identify bottlenecks in the workflow. MuleSoft Anypoint DataGraph is generally available immediately and developers can start a free trial here.


Disclosure: MuleSoft is the parent company of ProgrammableWeb.

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