MuleSoft Composer Allows Non-Developers to Participate in Enterprise Innovation

MuleSoft has announced a new solution that is built on top of its existing Anypoint Platform and aims to allow non-developer employees to participate more directly in building what the company sees as the future of enterprise Integration. Although APIs have smoothed the way towards the integration of dissimilar applications and legacy systems, such projects have typically required the attention of IT departments and developers. In MuleSoft Composer, the company's goal is to offer a "clicks-not-code" integration solution to enable non-technical  "citizen integrators" to not only connect previous unintegrated systems, but to also automate the flow of information between them.

MuleSoft imagines an enterprise future where business capabilities serve as building blocks that are easily and interchangeably connected to one another. Applications and business tasks are then composed out of these building blocks rather than developed from scratch using custom code. But in order for this future to be realized, the company believes that the entire workforce needs to be leveraged rather than relying solely on developers, who are in short supply. To enable this, MuleSoft Composer is aimed directly at employees that find themselves unable to build out the integrations that their business needs dictate because their development teams are overburdened with keeping the lights on or other priorities.

In its first iteration, MuleSoft Composer will offer a deeply unified solution that allows non-developers such as Salesforce administrators to automate integrations between Salesforce and other applications without leaving the Salesforce environment. Below is an image that shows Composer’s integration inside of the Salesforce UI.

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is expected to be available for existing MuleSoft and Salesforce customers soon. According to a blog posted on the company's web site by MuleSoft senior product marketing manager Dianna Spring, future editions will be available to organizations that are not yet using Salesforce Customer 360 or the Anypoint Platform.

Disclosure: MuleSoft is the parent company of ProgrammableWeb.

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