MuleSoft Releases Composer to Enable Business Users to Drive Digital Innovation Without Code

MuleSoft has announced the release of MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce, a no-code Integration offering designed to enable line of business users and Salesforce administrators with the ability to integrate Salesforce with other apps and data while also automating the tasks that depend on those integrations. While the tool is built directly into the Salesforce User Interface, under the hood, it is powered by MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform

As the only integration solution embedded in the Salesforce UI, Composer for Salesforce aims to make it easy for business teams to automate integrations between Salesforce and other applications without leaving the Salesforce environment. In the process, Composer is designed to give non-IT users a hands-on role when it comes to driving business innovation without having to rely on IT teams that are too busy to accommodate new integration requests in a timely fashion. 

Such innovations could span the gamut from integrations that help to complete an organization’s 360-degree view of its customers to building new end-to-end customer experiences that are informed by that view. Or, they could simply look to automate certain tasks in ways that deal with the sort of Resource-draining inefficiencies that can seriously slow an organization down.

MuleSoft says Composer is not only designed to help forge a collaboration between business users and IT, the technology is also designed in a way that the IT department retains the governance and oversight that’s necessary to ensure security and mitigate other risks.

At launch, MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce will come with a Library of pre-built connectors including NetSuite, Salesforce, Workday, Slack, Google Sheets, and Tableau. These connectors can support a number of possible use cases including:

  • Streamlining sales operations: Salesforce admins can build automation workflows between NetSuite and Salesforce to streamline order-to-cash activities. Teams can also visualize sales data using the Tableau connector.
  • Fostering team collaboration from anywhere: Sales and service teams can automate updates and team notifications to jumpstart downstream activities using the Slack connector.
  • Enhancing employee experience: Organizations can automate employee onboarding and development tasks across Workday, NetSuite, and Salesforce.

To support users of Composer for Salesforce after launch, MuleSoft will release ‘how to’ videos for common integration scenarios. Also post-launch, MuleSoft plans to offer a steady cadence of new connectors to address other common business use cases. 

Disclosure: MuleSoft is the parent company of ProgrammableWeb.

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