Multi-party Video Chat Platform Sees Growth, Goes Mobile

Two months ago TokBox gave up 2 million users to focus on its TokBox OpenTok API. The former video chat site instead wanted to make it easy for everyone to add video chat to their sites. The Platform now has over 80 partners and is seeing great interest amongst developers. Today the company announced a move into making its video chat available on mobile devices.

According to the company's announcement post, its seen its number of partners more than double:

In just over four months, OpenTok has attracted scores of partners that are using the platform for a diverse range of industries, including advanced business networking and collaboration tools in addition to group video chat for companies in the media and messaging, social networking, online news, recruitment and healthcare categories.

Now the company is courting the mobile developer, with a solution for Android and iOS devices. "Mobile devices are quickly surpassing computers as the tool most used for social interaction," TokBok CEO Ian Small said. "Facilitating the use of OpenTok to mobile devices has always been at the top of our 'next steps' list."

In addition to the mobile announcement, which joins its JavaScript and ActionScript tools, TokBox has an embedable video option to put video chat on your site without any coding. It's becoming clearer why TokBox would discontinue a service with 2 million users. With its OpenTok platform, it has the chance to reach many times that through developers and site owners.

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