Multicom Adds Cruise API to FindandBook Travel Service

Multicom, global travel marketplace, has announced the launch of a new cruise API. The API will integrate into Multicom's award winning FindandBook booking system for flights, hotel accommodations, and other travel related resources.  Multicom expects the API to streamline cruise bookings for agents and online travel agencies. Multicom Managing Director, John Howell, commented:

"We have developed an API that will offer all cruise content from one point of access and is fully bookable with all cruise lines, a unique combination that none of our competitors can currently offer. Agents and OTAs will find that proposition extremely attractive, saving both time and costs which nobody can afford to ignore in the current climate.”

Multicom has established itself as one of the most trusted names in the travel technology space. It enjoys a partner and customer base of some of the biggest travel names (e.g., Anite, easyjet, etc.). The cruise API adds strategic cruise partners to its base, and the cruise roadmap expands the base to include most cruise lines.

The API returns calls in an XML data format. Users can search cruise availability, book trips (including margin markup), add third party products, amend and cancel trips, apply bookings to back office systems, and more. Those interested in the API can reach out to the Multicom team via the contact page.

With all the recent controversy that surrounds the cruise industry, any hassle regarding booking a cruise could be severely detrimental to potential sales and bookings. Multicom's cruise API eliminates cumbersome search and book procedures and streamlines the end to end process. For an industry on the mend, such an offering could prove a significant edge over competitors.

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