Multinational Taxi firm Takes On Uber With API

Multinational taxi giant Addison Lee is putting a team of 50 developers to work on creating a seamless taxi-booking experience for their customers, no matter where they are in the world. In a recent article for Computerworld UK, Margi Murphy discussed how they are approaching the task, and what they hope to achieve.

Understanding that many of their corporate customers in the UK also have offices overseas, Addison Lee is looking to take advantage of brand confidence by offering the service their customers expect, anywhere in the world. This involves using APIs as the middleware between Addison Lee and local taxi firms (who are the third-party “suppliers of the wheels” in each location) while maintaining consistency across the board.

“We’re currently a halfway house where any supplier in a city has a web portal where they receive jobs (taxi requests) but we want a direct portal wherever you travel to. It will be uniform, monitored, on the same platform and able to scale in order to provide unrivalled customer experience,” said Addison Lee Chief Technology Officer Peter Ingram.

As well as providing this multinational service, the taxi firm is integrating with other tools such as SalesForce to maintain detailed customer records. This allows the team to pull a book from its Java-based app and add it to the CRM to check customer preferences, or if that customer is on the recently-launched loyalty scheme. This is also part of a larger move towards VMware and cloud to enable the company to scale quicker and break down API complexity by caching in different places.

The taxi firm is hoping that by backing this technology up with their professional reputation and 8-10 year historical customer datasets, they will offer a viable alternative to the often-controversial Uber.

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