A Music API That Pays You Money

One of the problems with music sites and APIs on the web is that they have been known to run into trouble with the lawyers. Worse yet, often the only real way to monetize is to take a teensy percentage of an already low-priced track. BandsInTown wants to help your music site stay up and even make money.

Alexis Rodich of BandsInTown says the site itself lists nearly 200,000 individual events from 60 ticket companies in 140 countries. And its API is available to filter through to the events you care about. Find shows by artist, location or date. Or, get recommendations for which events to show (details at our Bandsintown API profile).


Where does the money-making come in? BandsInTown has launched an affiliate program, which it calls the first and only program available to the general public. The company has agreements with ticket companies to share revenue. Then, whatever share BandsInTown gets, you get half of it. Not bad, compared to your cut of a single song (and better revenue opportunities than you get with most of the other 55 music APIs in our directory).

Another reason to be excited about BandsInTown is as an example for other APIs. The site found a way to take its considerable database and open it up in a way that still makes it money. Better yet, it found a way to make developers money, too. And that's bound to encourage use.

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