Music Hack Day Goes to 11

Over the weekend Music Hack Day took the stage in London, with developers working into the night to create mashups from music APIs. Some paused to eat pizza, or grab a nap.

MusicHackDay timer

When the clock reached zero, there were 38 hacks, ranging from lyric tagging to beat mixing to hardware tweaking. Here are some favorites:, shown above, creates mixes from popular tracks by city. What's coming through the speakers in Sydney? Barcelona? Belgrade? (Our CitySounds profile).

Pix n Mixer lets you create a mashup of a different sort--the music kind. Match the beats from three tracks and create a new song. Unfortunately, this does not appear to have a home on the web yet, but there's a YouTube video (embedded above) that shows how it works.

SpaceBass musical game

Listening to music should be like playing a game, right? Well, it is with SpaceBass, where "gameplay modifies music and music modifies gameplay."

These three examples are just a sampling. Check out all the hacks to see what you missed. And don't feel too bad, because it seems you'll have another shot at music hacking. There's talk of getting something together on the east coast of the US. Get your gig bag ready.

Hackday photo by Rain Rabbit

Adam DuVander The former ProgrammableWeb Executive Editor, Adam is an API expert now helping regular people connect them at Zapier. Previously he worked at API companies SendGrid and Orchestrate, and wrote for Wired and Webmonkey. Adam is also the author of mapping API cookbook Map Scripting 101. Find him at



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